How to choose your wedding photographer Or Videographer ?

Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Updated: Mar 26

when it comes to your wedding photographer and videographer you need to think very carefully.

it's all about your memory and day that will happen once!!!

all my clients told me the same, WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE PRICE, WE TRUSTING YOU !!!

let me tell you something !!

when you book your wedding photographer or videographer the most important thing is His/Her work and her way that she contact you too and then you can look to other factors like the price !!

it's all about high quality and photographer or videographer who knows what he is doing :)

for me wedding photography and videography are my passion, I enjoying love, laughter and emotional joyful moments between the couple and their family & friends!!!

I am a kind of wedding photographer who will rarely ask you to pose !!! of course, I will give you my directions and instructions to make it easy for you, but most of my wedding photos I capture during your emotional and joyful moments.

me & my bride & groom are friends, not photographer and her client only !!! I could tell you that when I just arrive at the wedding location and see my bride say hello and give her a hug assure her to not stress just trust me and my team, in return she offers me a cup of tea or coffee with pice of cheese maybe :) :) that makes it so easy for the buf=gnning of our day for both of us.

the main point is to feel that it's not the only job you will do and will finish by delivering the photos !!

its the way how you both treat and cooperate toward each other.

so my advice to all of you is just trust your wedding photographer and videographer, treat them as a gest, deal with them as a friend, talk to them like a family and at the end pay them like professional wedding photography and videography company !!!

please share with me your thoughts !! you are the main inspiring source for my blogs.:)

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