Do You Need Wedding Planning service for your wedding day ??

Do You Need Wedding Planning service for your wedding day ??

Updated: Mar 26

is it possible to arrange your wedding day by your self or do you require a wedding planner to plan your day?

it's hard to tell yes or no because it's different thought from one bride to another.

you might be a bride on a budget, you might be having a small wedding, you might be very organized human you don't need any help from a wedding planner, you might be surrounded by a very lovely family who is willing to support you?

when you start your wedding planning process, first of all, you need to choose the date.

this is the most important step, preferred day to marry on depending on your situation if all your family with you or they demand to fly from overseas or maybe you want to marry in the summer season rather than winter in case of rain ...etc.

after you select the date, start looking for venue according to your budget, theme you aimed and date availability. Determine if you won't do it on daytime light or candle and fairy lights in the darkness or maybe you want to do beach wedding or maybe vintage in old castle wedding DON'T forget to audit the wedding venue by yourself.

send invitations to your family and friends and remember to give enough time for them to arrange flights if they live overseas and for you to organise and plan your wedding perfectly !!!

ask your family representatives to cooperate with you searching for wedding photographers and wedding videographers, asking for quotes, contact them asking for packages details.

Decide your dream wedding dress style, try many dresses and see which one you feel amazed with !! chose your dress according to the kind you like and your body shape too. ask for advice from your closest friend or your Mum.

Ask for guidance on Facebook groups or from family and friends also do your search on Instagram and other social media platforms for catering companies, decorations, and styling businesses.

Don't hesitate to ask for help from your friends. even for small things like shoes, bands, and flowers, ask them to support you its special day for you and of-course you want to make it perfect!!!

wedding vendors can help you too, raise relationships between you and your vendors like photographers, videographers and stylish they experience more about locations and other wedding staff.

despite its difficult to plan your wedding by your self, it's a really enjoyable process you can see the result of your magic you will be amazed !!!

always keep plan B for anything not guarantee during your wedding day :)

feel free to comment below if you need any further help :)

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